It’s snowing, again.

Welcome to my blog, Tidbits of Thoughts and Tastes.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a couple years and kept putting it off.  I do that.  Yesterday however, I listened to someone talk about their blog and how easy it was to get started.  There really wasn’t a need to think about it too much and do lots of planning, I just needed to pick a name and start writing.

So here I am, on another snow day, up early as my angel sleeps in because of course, mom doesn’t sleep in on snow days.  Who would check the status of schools on the news? Let me clarify, I’m not complaining, just musing.  I love snow days.  I don’t work outside of the home, for pay, for someone else, so on snow days our home becomes the place for kids to gather whose parents do have to work.  I love it.  To me, being a wife, mother, friend and neighbor is the best “job” in the world.

So welcome to my blog.  This is a place for me to share what I am thinking about, cooking, or creating in my life as wife, mother, and 50 something woman.  My mom had a little quote over her desk that said, “a single gesture is worth more than a thousand intentions.” Here it is mom, a gesture from your daughter who is prone to procrastination.  I hope you have a good internet connection in heaven.

2 thoughts on “It’s snowing, again.

  1. Awesome! Way to get started and the perfect day to do it. I’ve been up with the dogs, shoveling snow and testing out the roads. We got six inches here, and luckily, we still have power and enough firewood to finish out the winter! We have had one day of school in the last two weeks, so there’s lots of cabin fever going on around here….
    I’m interested in reading more of your musings, being a 50 something wife and mother myself. Thanks for putting this out there!

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