Marking Time

One Day at a Time….  It’s the only way to walk this journey of sobriety.  Although, I feel a bit like an imposter as I write those words.  I’ve always seen a sober life as the opposite of a drunk life.  I was not a drunk.  I did not spend every day drunk.  But I did spend most nights drunk…. and I know now, that made … Continue reading Marking Time

Finding bottom….

I know.  The Blog title “Tidbits of Thoughts and Tastes” does not “fit” the last two posts…. When I created the Blog two years ago I was pretending everything was okay.  I was presenting the “perfect public image” that I see others posting ….  I posted the last two pieces, “She Sits Alone” and “Voices” because they capture my struggle and help me begin to … Continue reading Finding bottom….