Marking Time

One Day at a Time….  It’s the only way to walk this journey of sobriety.  Although, I feel a bit like an imposter as I write those words.  I’ve always seen a sober life as the opposite of a drunk life.  I was not a drunk.  I did not spend every day drunk.  But I did spend most nights drunk…. and I know now, that made me an alcoholic.  Not the kind most people think of, but an alcoholic none the less.

I think the main reason I’ve started sharing my story is because it is different.  I know in my heart I am not alone.  I know deep in my soul that there are others out there who have similar stories.  I pray that in sharing my story I will help them in their journey of sobriety.

I am a visual person.  It drives my husband crazy because when I don’t see things I forget about them, hence I am pile maker.  I make lists of things to do, but seeing the piles is a much more effective trigger for me.

For that reason, I’ve made myself a visual reminder marking progress I am making each day, one day at a time.  Once I figure out how I’ll post a photo, but for now here’s my word picture.  On my kitchen counter I have a lovely clear glass bottle with a unique pink glass stopper.  Into it I have placed a long stemmed silk rose in a pale yellow color that reminds me of my beloved grandmother.  Each morning, since Day 1, I have dropped a tiny smooth river rock into the mouth of the bottle.  I love hearing the ping as it hits the bottom and watching the stones build up on the floor of the bottle.  I look forward to watching them climb up the sides of the bottle in the days ahead.  For me it will be a daily reminder of my success.  And a reminder to keep moving forward.

The other night was hard, I almost wasn’t able to drop a stone in the bottle the next morning.  With God’s help I did.  But that’s a story for another day.

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