Feeding our Souls

I dropped my stone into the bottle this morning, one day at a time.  When I turned on the computer I was amazed to see that I’d already had 21 views before 7am!  I confess I felt a little like Julie in the movie Julie & Julia, “I have readers!” she exclaimed.

Well, I don’t think of you as readers, I think of you as companions on this journey of life, sobriety, faith, wellness, family, friendship.  We are here supporting one another.  As I’ve said before, I feel deep in my heart that my story is not unique, but rather one that people do not tell.  I hope that in sharing it,  I will be able to connect with others like me who are feeling the same way.

Enough musing, here’s an update, and a gift.

I recently had lunch with a dear, old friend (old because we’ve known each other for nearly 30 years!)  We are that special rare breed of friends who are soul sisters.  We have lived parallel lives with a few unique detours, not too far from each other, but we seldom see each other.  However, when we do get together it is as if we saw each other yesterday.  Being in her presence feeds my spirit and helps me refocus on what is truly important in this journey we call life.

We talked about everything, but that’s not for me to share.  What I do want to share is what we ate!  Odd you say?  Well not really.  Remember, when I started this Blog a few years ago it was not about my journey of sobriety.  It was about my journey of life as a wife, mother, happy woman, and….  I always intended to share recipes and other things as well.  My journey with sobriety is just the catalyst that finally got me to write regularly because it is helpful and healing for me.

I share this now because cooking, and doing things for others, is one of the tools I am using to stay away from drinking.  I am developing new patterns and rediscovering old passions. I find joy in going to the farmers market.  I love cooking.  Providing food for others, whether at my table or theirs, makes me happy.

So – here’s what I made for our lunch.  Let me know what you think.  I promise to take pictures in the future!

Tuna Salad (Master Recipe) make it your own… (makes two servings)

6 oz of canned tuna of your choice
2 oz of mashed avocado (I used 1 Wholly Guacamole Mini cup) instead of mayo
Salt, pepper and any fresh or dried herbs of your choice
Mix gently together and then chill while you prep the rest of the salad

Salad greens of your choice ( I used mixed field greens from the Farmers Market)
Fresh veggies of your choice (I used steamed green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and thinly sliced red onion)
Toss the greens and veggies in 2T of your favorite vinaigrette (I recently discovered Wegman’s Organic Lemon Vinaigrette. YUMM!)

2 hard-boiled eggs – quartered

Plate the greens and veggies, place 1/2 of the tuna salad in the center of the greens and 4 egg quarters around the edge of each plate.



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