Getting technical…

This post is all about me figuring out how to use a new format …and I welcome your feedback.

Do you like this cover page or the original one better?

…ok after several different “design” changes, I have finally found the one that really works for me, my brain, and my creative soul.  Sorry for the whiplash… I promise, no more changes… at least for a while!

4 thoughts on “Getting technical…

  1. This is nice and clean! Might be nice if you could include an excerpt of older posts along with titles (that is getting *very* technical – I wouldn’t have the first idea how to do it! 😂) x


    1. … yes, besides thinking of what to write, we have to be “publishers” too! It’s okay, the distraction and learning is good.. helps me focus on something new! Wo, by excerpts of older posts… are you saying you are not seeing the older ones in the list of entries?? I know I need to add a “table of contents etc…” but taking baby steps!


      1. Looks like below the current post it just gives a link to the title of the previous post. I’m on an iPad though – maybe different on a desktop. I am REALLY looking forward to having a bit more energy for learning and doing. Keeping my boys fed and clean, and showing up here every day have me about tapped. Baby steps indeed! x


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