When the shadows become a reality

As I walked this morning I was pondering the “darkness” that continues to descend on our world in so many ways. I started mentally blogging… When I got home I found this incredible essay that perfectly captured my thoughts and sadness, but also my hope and faith. I trust you will find it inspiring as well.

Copious Morsels of Everything

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength. Charles Spurgeon

The Shadows

Do you ever sit and watch news reports for hours on end? Like a vinyl record you watch the tragedy unfold over and over again. Perhaps it’s just me, another of my personality nuances, I often feel drawn to it like a moth to flame; all the while the distinct voice at the back of my head says this can’t be good for you!

So we all pretty much live in different parts of the world but we are unified by one commonality; we can’t ignore the horrible things that surround us. Whether it’s sickness or death; news of terror and war and of course our own personal disappointments in life; most human beings no matter their positive temperaments are surrounded by the ugly stuff in life.


In those moments…

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