God’s candy

Quiet.  Life is quiet right now.  In the early days of no longer drinking, quiet is good. It helps me stay calm.  Last week was a whirlwind.  This week I feel like I can breathe, think, clean my house, cook, watch the birds, hear God.  I try to start each day with a 20-30 minute audio bible study.  Early in the morning it’s easier for me to just listen than try to read.  I sip my tea, slowly wake, and let the words sink into my soul, calm.

I’m looking forward to the end of school, to a new routine.  You might think me silly, but I think God knew that starting this journey when the local farmer’s markets were open for the season was the best timing for me.  Twice a week I buy glorious fresh fruits and vegetables that I can turn into yummy meals and snacks.  I find myself feeling the joy of childhood as I pop dark cherry after dark cherry into my mouth.  I savor the berries of early summer and look forward to the sweet fragrance and sticky juice of the fresh peaches that are soon to follow.

When my girl was little, I would push her stroller through the stands at the farmer’s market looking at all the beautiful colors and breathing deeply the smell of earth’s bounty.  I can still see her now, eating a big red tomato like an apple, biting into it with a big grin, the light pink tomato water and seeds dripping from her chin.   “God’s candy” I would tell her.  These treasures from the earth are God’s candy.

I love candy!

P.S. I changed the title – didn’t think it really fit the post… what do you think?

One thought on “God’s candy

  1. I think listening is so important. More and more, we are bombarded with so many requests, so much information, so many people telling us what to think. It’s hard to stay focused on our own thoughts. Taking the time to listen almost seems like an old-fashioned idea. But it’s so important to listen and reflect. And to give ourselves the time and space to do so. I love the images of the market and the fruit…..


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