Did you catch that wink?

Good morning!  When I woke my daughter for school this morning she said, Is it sunny?  Will you open my shutters?  I love when it is sunny!

I do, too sweet girl!  I do, too!

She does not know that today is a New Day, a New Beginning for me.  But God knows!  And God is making sure, in ways big and small, that I know He knows.  He is giving me nudges and winks at every turn.

You might ask, How can you say your daughter commenting on the sun is a God Wink?  Well, you have to know my daughter.  She’s the one who keeps her shutters closed all the time.  She’s the one who keeps the covers pulled over her head as long as she can in the morning then races out the door to school at the last moment.  She’s the one who asks, when she gets home from school, why I opened the shutters in her room.  So YES, my dear sweet daughter, with the sunny personality, who loves her dark cocoon of a room, commenting on the fact that it is a sunny day and it makes her happy, is a great big God Wink!

On the nights I’d drink too much, which was most nights, I’d start each day with a pounding headache, wishing for quiet.  Hoping to go back to bed. I’d miss the God Winks.  This morning my head does not hurt.  I’m still tired, and would like a nap at some point, but I feel lighter and more hopeful than I have in a while.

So yes, I did catch that Wink!  And I look forward to catching more.

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