At this moment…

At this moment I am exhaust and exhilarated.  Exhausted from working all day helping someone move and exhilarated because my dear daughter has gotten wonderful news.  The exhaustion on the long drive home made me think about what “old” me would do tonight after such a day, open a cold bottle of white wine and drink till I pass out.   The exhilaration from my daughter’s good news is helping me be strong.

I walked in the door and immediately turned on the tea kettle and fixed a nice hot cup of herbal tea.  There is no wine in the house and I am not going back out.  I can do this, tonight.

I know this is not a hugely insightful post, but it is my current reality.  I am trying moment by moment to stay strong.

…more to come when I am not exhausted and can actually think.

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