Day and Night

Good morning!  It is a beautiful Sunday morning here.  The birds are going crazy at the feeder.  It is Spring Forward day!  We “lost” an hour of sleep last night so I went to bed early telling myself it was later than it really was.

I have not been back to a meeting since Wednesday, but I am doing ok.  Certain realities of my life made it hard to get to a meeting.  So I reached out privately for support when I felt the need and that was helpful.  Since drinking at night is my issue, I have to look for ways to cope.  Last night we decided to get dinner from a spot we like, but ordered carry out instead of dining in.  It was easier for me not to sit and watch others drink and have to say no thank you to the waitress who knows my favorite wine on the menu.  Ever since Wednesday I have gotten ready for bed earlier than normal.  Once in my pajamas, with my face washed clean from the day, I know I can not go back out and buy wine when there is none in the house.  I replaced my wine with Dark Cherry Juice because I read it has properties that help with restful sleep.

Will you share your coping tips for avoiding nighttime drinking? I am running out of ideas to distract myself or to put barriers around me that will keep me safe.  I know I only have to focus on this moment.  Today.  Right now.  Well right now I’m drinking my tea, having done my morning devotion, and in a moment I will get dressed for church.  Right now I am strong.  Tonight I will need help.

I look forward to reading your comments, thoughts, and suggestions.  I wonder if I’m allowed to ask this question at a Meeting?

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