That old feeling…

I’m exhausted.

I’ve had a really stressful day. Witnessed a scary car crash that almost collected me.  Called 911, comforted the victim, and held it together until I eventually got home.  Long afternoon followed by a busy evening with overnight house guests.  Tried baking a muffin recipe I’ve made over a hundred times, but did not really pay attention and left the sugar out.  Fortunately, had enough ingredients to make a second batch, after I washed all the bowls and utensils needed.  To top if off… I’m facing doing something hard tomorrow.

Husband and guests  are sipping Scotch while they watch sports.

For the first time in a really long time, I’m craving a glass of wine.  I know I can’t.  I promise I won’t.  But, wow, the feeling of desire is powerful. I reached out to a friend who reminded me that what I am feeling is a Need to Escape!  In the past I’d turn to a glass or two or three of wine to escape.  The feeling is real, and valid, I just need to focus on new methods of escape.

Tonight I choose to focus on a cup of tea, hot bath and my comfy bed.  Sweet dreams all.

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