The gift of this day…

Ding – Ding – Dong

The descending chime of the text alert on my silent cellphone jars my attention from the book I am reading on the screened porch. The silence of this morning has been a gift to my soul. Sitting on the porch reading, I hear only the sounds of birds chirping and the occasional dog barking. Air moving from the ceiling fan makes up for the lack of actual breeze and renders the high 80’s temperature pleasant in the shade of the porch.

It is late Saturday morning, technically almost Saturday afternoon, on the first official weekend of summer, as declared by news reporters lamenting the get-a-way traffic while showing videos of pool openings. The morning has been mine alone while my family sleeps in. I don’t ever sleep in, even if I could.

This morning I woke before the alarm and set about my meditative morning ritual, brewing my first perfect cup of tea. Once the magic of the warm milky sweet nectar had awakened my mind, I turned my attention to my youngest child, the one who will always need me and never leave the nest, the dog.

The warm days of summer make her beloved walks difficult. In cooler weather we can walk any time, but as the heat rises, walking times are limited to early morning or the sunset hour. I should not complain as these are beautiful, quiet times, when the world is either still asleep or wrapping up the day in a radiant pink-blue blanket.

The chiming text alerts me to the fact that my human child has awakened, hours after me, and would like something to eat. As I write these words I can hear mothers all over the world saying, “She texted you? From her room? Don’t do it! Don’t take her breakfast in bed. You are spoiling her.”

I do it because I can. I do it because I love her. I do it because she will leave the nest in a few short months. I do it because she works hard at school and sports, and deserves down time, too. I do it because she has the rest of her life to get her own breakfast. I do it because, God willing someday she will have a daughter of her own whom she loves more than life itself and this is one of many ways to show that love.

So a warm blueberry muffin, baked last night, has been delivered to my teenaged baby. I am now settled back on the porch enjoying the beauty of this day. As I pick up my book to read, the chimes of a nearby church steeple announce that mid-day has arrived. People are packing picnics for the pool, some are gathering alongside main street in small town America to watch a parade, some are headed to work in hospitals or police stations or stores. My family is quietly enjoying this day, one with no set agenda.

Days like this are a gift that feeds our weary souls.

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