Not alone…

Yesterday I was feeling very isolated and alone when I shared my thoughts about celebrating birthdays.  After reading my Post, several women reached out to me privately and confessed they had experienced many of the same emotions on their recent birthdays.  I freely admit that after receiving their feedback and insights I felt much less sad and alone.

When I am isolated with my heavy thoughts I must be careful to not allow the weight of them to overwhelm me.  The sadness can easily drag me down and drown the joy in my spirit. It clouds my eyes and prevents me from seeing the blessings sitting with me at the dinner table.  The sadness of isolation renders my ears deaf to the messages of love shared through calls, notes and email.   Isolation is a dangerous foe.

Because I reached out yesterday, I now realize that the main reason I felt sadness toward my most recent birthday is that my mother is no longer here.  Others who have also lost their mothers have helped me see this.  We have lost the person who gave us life, the one person we are the most connected to in all the world.  She is no longer here on earth.  One woman noted that her birthday is harder for her than Mother’s Day and I agreed.  Mother’s Day is for everyone, our birthday is just for us and the woman who gave us life.

With this understanding I will have a new perspective as I approach my birthday next year.  Thank you for helping me slay the isolation foe, this time.

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