…one at a time

In AA we are taught to take life “one day at a time”.  Well, I’ve got that down.  I can do my days, sun shining or rain falling, days I can do.  Move forward, check the list, one task after another, even those days that I’m quiet and reflective, days I can do.

But nights are a different story.  As the energy of activity winds down with the setting sun my cravings kick in.  That’s when I need to implement the tools I’m learning and find new distractions.  Trouble is, for the best part of the last 10 years, drinking has been the distraction I used to escape from my thoughts, from my stresses, from my worries.

So I struggle most evenings, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to take it “one night at a time”.  As the light of the sun fades and darkness wraps my world, that’s when I need to focus on the light that will never fade, the light of the Son.  That’s when I need to get on my knees and pray!  Amen.

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