…revealing sunrise

Driving eastward in the darkness before dawn to be at my father’s hospital bedside, God revealed an important message through the beauty of the rising sun. 

As I traveled farther from home, and closer to my destination, the sky slowly brightened.  First there was simply an overall lightening of the horizon, but gradually He revealed small points of brighter light. With each passing mile the path ahead of me changed and became more clear.  Finally, as I made a turn that placed me on a road headed due east, the sun broke over the horizon.  The light blinded me and I had trouble seeing the road and hazards ahead.

In that moment, God spoke to my heart and reminded me that in all things His timing is perfect.  God whispered that facing hard truths must happen gradually, for if we receive them all at once we will be blinded by the intensity of the light and unable to see the path He has laid before us with love and mercy. Watching as a loved one dies is painful, God knows that better than anyone, but if we trust Him, and listen to Him, and wait on His perfect timing we will find peace in the sorrow.

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