…a good start

This is a two-fer, a post about food and sobriety…

I am on Day 4!  I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a Day 4, it’s been months, maybe longer.  However that doesn’t really matter.  I am here, today, now.  In another post I’ll share how I got here, but for now it is enough to let you know I am here.  Today.

This post is more about food!  Special, beloved house guests just left after a lovely 3 day visit, which makes me sad, but I’m celebrating their stay by eating a breakfast that one of them enjoys most mornings, lentils, eggs, and whatever delicious extras are in the fridge that morning.

So I share with you here my breakfast bowl of warm lentils, golden tomatoes, a hardboiled egg and a bit of pesto.  In the United States breakfast has devolved into a carb heavy, sugar ladened, coma inducing disaster of convenience.  Around the world, breakfast is more likely a plate of healthy fibre, protein, and fruits or vegetables that energize the consumer to face the work of the day.

I admit the taste, while delicious, was a bit startling to my tastebuds, but I know that my body and mind will celebrate this healthy fueling I’ve provided as my morning progresses.

What did you have for breakfast?  Please share your healthy morning ideas so I can add variety to my new routine!

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