The sun rises

Liquid golden light
wakens the voices in my head

They join me, guide me
showing me the path

Standing in their home
I feel a gentle pull

Let’s do the closet today
I say opening a door 

One closet leads to another
his closet to hers

We thought it empty but
she’s been there all along

Hiding in the cupboard
waiting behind the door

Opening the forgotten boxes
fills the room with memories

I love hearing her
voice in my head

Liquid amber light
tells my brain to rest

The day ends
my heart at peace.

February 2020

NOTE – Four years ago February 2016, deep in my drinking, I wrote a poem about wine and the voices in my head.  I posted it in May 2017.  Today, I celebrate 21 days without drinking with a new perspective, and poem, about the voices in my head.

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