…filling the void

Sitting in my family room the other morning, house quiet as my family slept in, I looked around me.  The kitchen was still cluttered with dishes that did not make it into the already full dishwasher, a basket next to me overflowed with balls of yarn I wanted to knit, the coffee table in front of me a Jenga tower of magazines ready to topple.


Every where I looked I saw chaos.

The reality in front of me forced me to face the reality inside of me.  The chaos around me was not the result of a too full calendar or demanding boss. No, the chaos around me was the result of a void inside me.  This poem was born in that moment of understanding.

Filling the void

I blamed my schedule,
the clock,

Chaos will go away
with more time,
fewer distractions.

Time stands still,
the calendar empty,
yet chaos surrounds me.

Chaos fills the gaps
where God is not.

Chaos retreats
when faith moves in.

On my knees,
I invite God in.

Allowing His light
to force the chaos out.

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