…just one thing

A question from a sobriety coach has been ringing in my head for the last 24 hours – what’s One Thing you can do for yourself? I’ve come to realize that drinking alone at night had become something I “did for myself”. My mind had twisted a destructive act into a treat, a gift to me that no one could take away. 

Truth is, it’s very easy for me to lose myself – to focus so much on the needs of those around me that I put myself last, if ever at all. So doing for myself takes effort.

Yesterday I focused on consuming lots of water and no alcohol. I had a full night sleep, more than I have in weeks, and woke feeling a glimmer of joy.

This morning I decided on some intentional self-care. I filled the long empty bird feeders because watching feathered angels brings me joy. I photographed delicate flowers in my garden because capturing natural beauty to enjoy when the blooms have faded makes my spirit happy. I showered and took time to moisturize my skin and fix my hair, a full service car wash if you will, not a quick rinse and go! Finally, I fixed myself a delicious farms stand fresh mid morning snack to give me energy to face the work tasks ahead of me. Yes – procrastination is still an issue – but one thing at a time.

I realize I won’t be able to do all these things every day but this morning felt like a re-set and I wanted to celebrate it. Thank you S for your encouragement to “do something for me.”

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