…bee happy

My mother loved bees. She loved them long before it was on trend to do so. She was always ahead of her time. If you’ve been reading Tidbits for a while, you know my mom died 11 years ago and while she is not physically present, her spirit is with me always.

Yesterday, I said a final goodbye to my parents’ home of 35 years. While walking through the empty rooms I talked to my mom and dad, now in heaven together. I thanked them for their love and for all the wonderful times our family shared in that home over the years. I thanked them for the example of the faithful and honorable life they shared.

I also told them how much I miss them and selfishly asked them to stay with me, and to let me know they are at peace.

Well this morning mom did just that! She made sure that was when I received a long delayed birthday gift from my family, a delicate silver bracelet featuring a Bee! It is a lovely gift, and one I would have treasured no matter the day I received it, but getting it today makes it all that much more special.

I know my parents are with me, encouraging me to live a joyful life, as they did. But should I ever feel a moment of sadness or doubt, I now have only to look down and see a gentle reminder to Bee Happy.

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