…still waiting

I’m not ok. I’m sad. I’m scared. I’m confused. I don’t understand why we as a country are allowing ourselves to be divided by hatred and fear. I wanted to exhale todayto stop holding my breath. I wanted dawn to bring New Year’s Dayto feel the joy of new beginnings. I’m tired of divisionand drained by lies. I’m still praying for changepraying for civilitypraying for … Continue reading …still waiting

…5 o’clock

In the days when every night ended with multiple glasses of wine, my daily responsibilities and routine were the switch that kept my drinking in check.  The carpool and committee meetings, and the daily tasks I carried out as Family Manager, ensured that no wine was poured before 5pm. God knew that the time would come for me when those superficial controls would disappear.  Children would go … Continue reading …5 o’clock