…poison control

It’s not my fault.  I am not broken.  I no longer accept that my addiction to alcohol happened because there is something wrong with me, making me different from anyone else.  I also do not accept that I have a fatal incurable disease.  These are concepts that I’ve run into over the years, especially at AA.  They used to make me feel powerless and, to be honest, depressed and out of control.

No more.

I am not broken.

I am not ill with an incurable disease.

I have spent years ingesting a highly addictive liquid poison called alcohol.  The problem does not lie in me, the problem lies in the Poison.

I choose to no longer ingest liquid poison, in any amount.  I am choosing health and freedom, just like when I was in college and I refused to try smoking marijuana.  I knew then that it was addictive and would only bring me trouble. I never tried it because I never wanted to get addicted.

However, years ago while in college I willingly, and legally, drank.  Plenty.  Society said it was ok.  Not only ok, was legal, and encouraged. Everywhere we looked alcohol was glorified.  We were becoming grownups.  Drinking was something grown-ups did.  We’d watched our parents drink for years when they came home from work to relax, when they hosted parties to have fun, when they were overwhelmed to take the edge off.

The adults in our lives drank…POISON.

And when you drink poison, you harm your body.  When you drink poison, you harm your mind.  When you drink poison, you harm you life.

No more poison for me.


I have found the strength and wisdom to make this powerful shift of thinking by reading two amazing books by Annie Grace: This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment.  I highly recommend them both, especially the Audible editions read by the author.

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