We are all God’s creatures….

I get lost looking into his eyes, dark pools of mystery.  I imagine all he sees in his life and the lessons he could teach me.  I am fascinated my his nimble hands and the strength they contain. I wish I could run my fingers through his grey hair, and rub his brow, soothing his tense spirit.

I stand in the shadows, watching him eat his stolen lunch, one meant for others.  He does not see me but every few moments he tenses and looks around, alert to the danger in his world.  I stay in the shadows, watching as he satisfies his hunger.  After a time he moves on, knowing that the food is not his alone.  I watch as he leaves, wondering if he is alone in life or if he has others to comfort and care for him.

There was a time when I would have made my presence known, interrupting his meal in a way that made him realize he was stealing from others.  There was a time when his presence in my day would have caused me irritation.  There was a time when I judged him simply for who he was.

I am thankful that is no longer my reaction.  I am thankful that the meditation calmed, sober minded, and open hearted me can watch in peace, offering loving kindness, while another goes about their day.  They are just as I am, a flawed creation of God, doing their best to live day to day with a happy spirit.

And after all, squirrels get hungry, too!

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