…a little help

Not sure how to write this.  I’ve never been good at asking for help from others.  But here goes –

Last night I received a text from my sister telling me how much she enjoyed my post from yesterday titled, …irrational rhythm.  She asked if I’d been getting lots of LIKEs and Comments.  My answer?

Nope and Nope.

Bloggers write for many reasons but one of those reasons is to connect with humanity.  This is especially important in a time of worldwide social isolation. By writing we share thoughts and ideas and hope to develop a dialogue with others we may not have an opportunity to meet in any other way.  Blogging also allows us to be vulnerable and open while at the same protect our privacy and as a result feel less isolated.

So here’s where I’m asking for help.  I am so very grateful to the 90 people who Follow my writing and am wondering if you’d do me a favor.  First, as many of you have many more followers than I do, would you please comment below with a couple tips on how you grew your audience of readers?  Second, it’s kind of hard to write and not receive any feedback.  I’d love it if you’d comment on one of my posts, make an observation, ask a question, or start a dialogue.  Third, if something I have written resonates with you, and you think it might connect with someone else, would you please share the post and encourage others to follow Tidbits of Thoughts and Tastes?

In all honesty, I feel awkward asking for this so I say THANK YOU in advance.

Stay safe and healthy! Peace be with you!

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